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Faulkner County, AR

Free Public Search of Real Estate Assessments
Angela Hill Free Public Search
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Faulkner County

Angela Hill
Faulkner County Assessor
Free Public Search of Real Estate & Personal Tax Records
Steve Simon Free Public Search
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Faulkner County

Steve Simon
Faulkner County Collector

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County Information
Faulkner County
Last Updated [?]
Assessor Data: 9/3/2015
Collector Data: 10/2/2015
Assessor Angela Hill
(501) 450-4905
Faulkner County Assessor Website
Circuit Clerk Rhonda Long Wharton
(501) 450-4911
Collector Steve Simon
(501) 450-4921
Faulkner County Collector Website
County Clerk Margaret Darter
(501) 450-4909
County Judge Jim Baker
(501) 450-4900
Treasurer Scott Sanson
(501) 450-4902
Parcel Count 72,975
County Seat Conway
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Current Year Tax Receipts
Prior Year Payment History

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