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David Norwood

David Norwood

Camden Office
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Duties of the Tax Collector

The Collector is responsible for billing and collection of County taxes.

The office of the county collector is to be operated according to the office budget that is established annually by the quorum court of the county.

In general, the county collector collects taxes for the county and collects municipal, county, school, library and improvement district taxes and turns them over to the county treasurer. Under provisions of the Arkansas Code Annotated he/she is responsible for collecting all property taxes during the established installment periods after the taxes are assessed. At least monthly, the county collector shall turn over all tax revenue to the treasurer.

The county collector shall perform the duties of delinquent tax collection involving the preparation of delinquent tax lists, the tax collection, the sale of distrained goods, and the settlement with the county clerk.

The records of the county collector's office are the evidence of their official duties and, therefore, it is necessary that they be accurately recorded and well maintained. The revenue collected serves as a significant source of income for every county government, as well as, each city and school district located within the county.
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Ouachita County
Last Updated Collector Data:
Parcel Count: 40,791
County Seat: Camden
Website: Ouachita County
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