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Franklin County, AR

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As of January, 2009 there will be no additional updates for Franklin County as the Assessor has chosen to use a different software system.
County Information
Franklin County
Last Updated [?]
Assessor Data: 1/23/2009
Assessor Cathy Bennett
Ozark Office: (479) 667-2415
Charelston Office: 479-965-7797
Circuit Clerk Wilma Brushwood
(479) 667-3818
Collector Sylvia Knoles
Ozark Office: (479) 667-4124
Charelston Office: 479-965-2333
County Clerk De Anna Schmalz
(479) 667-3607
County Judge Janet Powell
(479) 667-4726
Treasurer Shelly Wilson
(479) 667-2427
Parcel Count 18,640
County Seat Ozark & Charleston
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