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The data published on is provided by the local officials. We display the most recent copy of the data that we have received. We cannot change the data displayed on your behalf.

If you notice incorrect, incomplete, or missing data on, please contact your local official first to verify that they have the most recent data in their office. Click here to contact your local official
If you recently had a county official change or update your data, please allow a few weeks for those changes to appear on our website. If, after waiting, the data is still not as expected, please send Apprentice a message using the form in the "I have another question" section below. Please include as much information as possible in the message (parcel number, full name, full address and what is unexpected) so that our support team can help you quickly.

Please Note: Any questions regarding the data presented on this website can be best answered by the corresponding county official.
See "Why is my data different than expected?" in the section above for details.
Click here to contact your local official

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